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Qualified investors. Investors are deemed qualified as defined in Art. 10 para. 3 CISA with Art. 6 CISO (Art. 10 Abs. 3 KAG in Verbindung mit Art. 6 KKV):

Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, securities traders, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes, as well as central banks, regulated insurance institutions, public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations, companies with professional treasury operations. High net worth individuals who fully meet the requirements pursuant to those provisions.

Taxes. In respect of legal tax provisions, investors are advised to contact their tax consultant at the tax domicile of the investor. This involves regulations concerning holding and purchasing or selling shares, shares in funds and other investment products including their pertaining effects on taxation.

No Warranty. Although TARENO has taken all reasonable care in compiling the information on its websites, it accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the contents provided. In no event (including negligence) will TARENO be liable for any kind of loss or damage (including direct and indirect, subsequent damages) related to the information on its websites, analyses of performance and other issues links to other sites from the TARENO websites, or general risks of financial markets.
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Warning about Risks. Visitors to the website are requested to verify the information and to make their investment decisions on the basis of their own investigations (advice from third parties, other publications etc.). For further, detailed information about the risks involved with investments, please refer to our brochure “Characteristics and risks of securities transactions” (PDF) and to the guidelines and recommendations of the Swiss Bankers Association in their brochure “Special Risks in Securities Trading” (PDF)
Past performance is no guarantee for future performance. Invested capital may be subject to fluctuations in value and investors may in certain circumstances not recover the capital they originally invested. Investments in foreign currencies are additionally exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates.
Users are urged to base their investment decisions upon the appropriate investigations that they consider necessary. Securities and financial instruments may be subject to substantial losses and investments described may not be available to or suitable for you.

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We urgently recommend that you have your customer consultant advise you prior to making any investment decision.

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